Out West is looking forward to the upcoming 2015 season! Please see website for more information regarding teams.


Out West Basketball was designed and is funded as a non-profit basketball club to support female only basketball development.

It’s run by a volunteer board of directors promoting female athletics…
Unlike most Basketball clubs in Calgary Out West is not for profit…
Out West teams are chosen from tryouts and the teams stay the same throughout the season…
Fees are very reasonable compared to other clubs and all funds go back into the program for the athletes and coaches.

Welcome to Out West Basketball!

The Out West Basketball Association is proud of its Elite program. No other Canadian organization focused upon female basketball development has achieved excellence the way Out West has. Out West athletes have gone on to play professionally in six different countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

The Calgary Out West Basketball Association has developed a reputation for delivering excellence in female basketball.

U13 Team

U13 girls are the starting point for Out West basketball development.  Girls are provided with strong coaching, values, sportsmanship, nutrition counselling and personal training sessions in a fun, competitive and educational team setting.  Girls are taught the basic skills and fundamentals of basketball and game concepts and strategies are also introduced.

U15 Team

U15 girls are introduced to more skills and the next level of training as they improve in the development and understanding of the game concepts, strategies and plays.  At this level, the competition gets harder and more dedication, responsibility and effort are required on behalf of all team players.  Out West ensures that the very best in professional level coaching, basketball skills development, life skills learning and collaborative team play are emphasized throughout the playing season.

U17 Team

U17 girls have very strong basic basketball skills and a desire to excel to the next level.  At this level, athletes continue to receive the next level of coaching in basketball skills, game concepts and court strategy.  There is an increased emphasis placed on conditioning and physical fitness and Out West provides all players with personal training sessions, nutrition seminars and conditioning camps.  Girls playing at this level are required to be dedicated to the team and possess a strong desire to play post secondary basketball.